Family Rooms are the heartbeat of a home. Whether you have a small or large family, the Family Room is where you spend the bulk of your time together. It needs to be highly functional and incredibly comfortable. Here are a few ways to ensure your loved ones get the most of your space.

Family Room by Rejoy Interiors Inc

1. Sectionals

Sectionals offer ample seating using minimal space. Whether you have kids or “fur babies”, ever notice how everyone likes to pile on top of one another? Sectionals are great for this. Enjoy everyone together in the same place or by yourself and stretch out. You won’t find anything more comfortable.

Family Room Sectional2. Cocktail Ottomans

I love to specify cocktail ottomans with storage. You can use the space to hide toys or store comfy blankets for movie night. Add a tray so your ottoman can double as a cocktail table. Just make sure the tray is small enough to fit inside when not in use. Push your ottoman up against the corner of your sectional for additional lounge space. It’s so comfortable your whole family will be fighting for that corner!

Storage Cocktail Ottoman

3.  Lounge Chairs

If your lounge chairs are along a traffic pattern or seen from the behind, opt for a rounded back design. The curved line will allow your eye to move freely around the room. By not stopping the eye your space will feel larger and more cohesive. If you have multiple conversation areas or need a better view of the television consider adding a swivel to your chairs. Just keep in mind, kids might see this as a toy.

Rounded Back Swivel Club Chair

Is there something your family can’t live without? Share your tips for a great Family Room.