Oh, be still my heart….I think I’ve found a new love….the Pasadena Flea Market.  This last Sunday I ventured down to the Rose Bowl to see what all the hoopla was about.  If you like vintage, one of a kind pieces, then this is a can’t miss shopping opportunity.

Pasadena Flea Market - Books  Pasadena Flea Market - Pillows  Pasadena Flea Market - Buckets

They had a multitude of vintage windows, doors, hardware, and linen fabrics.  Vintage clothing, handbags and the list goes on.  In particular, I loved a vendor I found that had endless amounts of large, African beads that would look stunning grouped in glass vases in a cabinet.  Can you image the beautiful texture and dimension that would add?

Pasadena Flea Market - African Beads

Pasadena Flea Market - Ceiling Tiles  Pasadena Flea Market - Vintage Dress  Pasadena Flea Market - Chandelier

One word of caution, you must get there early.  The good stuff goes fast! For example, I was looking for some bold, colorful pieces to be used on a photography set for my talented client, Lori Brystan.  There it was, a velvet cobalt blue settee from the 1930’s! “How much is it I said,” trying not to sound too excited so I would have room for negotiating.  “It just sold”, he said.  Ughhhh. …Next time, I will get there by 7:00 a.m.

Pasadena Flea Market - Blue Velvet Settee

So what did I purchase you ask?  I purchased some super fabulous vintage accessories.  I swooned over a pendant from Nepal made with bone and antique gold.  I saw something similar (not nearly as unique) at Nieman Marcus for three times the price.  I love getting a good deal and the Pasadena Flea Market has plenty of deals to be had!

Pasadena Flea Market - Vintage Jewlery

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