I recently designed a home for Ron and Barbara Burgess in Orange, CA.  They shared with me that this is their dream home, the home they plan to retire in.  My first thought was, “What a privilege and honor to be trusted with such a special home for this chapter of their life”.  My second thought was, “I am going to make this fabulous for them!”

Before and After - Living RoomBefore and After - Family RoomReveal day was so much fun!  The clients left their home for the day while we installed all the Furnishings, Art and Accessories.  When everything was complete we dimmed the lights, lit the fireplace and candles and turned on their favorite music.  When the front door opened, Barbra’s mouth dropped open.  She walked in slowly with her eyes opened wide.  Ron was grinning from ear to ear.  I encouraged them to sit on their new sofas and really take everything in.  Barbara kept saying, “I can’t believe this is all ours.  It looks like a model home…only more comfortable.”The ReactionDining RoomLiving RoomFamily Room

A Great Collaboration

Another success! What a great collaboration.


Designing is my passion and creative outlet… I love it!  I get tremendous satisfaction from creating, but I have to say, nothing comes close to the sense of gratification I get when I see the clients I have grown to care about, over joyed…that’s what does it for me.  Witnessing and sharing in their expression of bliss is what makes me over the moon happy.