Stop putting perfume on a pig

Pig World Market in Vegas was fabulous!  I returned to my office with a wealth of inspiration as well as a ton of marketing material, business cards and vendor catalogs.  It looks like a paper bomb made a delivery on my desk.  Now begins the audios task of organizing all the sources into their rightful category for future reference.  The dilemma hit today when I had to make a choice; complete some tasks for a design project, or organize this mess.  I knew I really didn’t have a choice because I can’t be creative surrounded by chaos.  I need to have my head clear of distractions in order to preform at peak creativity.  It’s not an option for me and I have a hunch you feel the same way.

We preform best when our environments support us with “visual peace.”  When I am doing a Bathroom remodel, it’s not successful unless there is a functional home for EVERYTHING.  For example, I often put outlets in the top drawer of the vanity so that someone can take the hair dryer out, dry their hair and put it right back into the drawer.  No need to plug and then unplug.  It’s important to cut out as many hassle steps as possible.   For effective storage solutions for just about anything, check out The Container Store.  It’s storage heaven! Lovely furnishings without smart storage solutions is like putting perfume on a cute pig.  It’s not going to do the trick ;)  So for now…I’m off to organize my own little piglet of a mess….