Valentine’s Day-Listen Up Gents

RomanceOkay guys, you want to really surprise your lady?  Ask her to take The Five Love Languages test online so you can find out how she feels most loved.  I found out mine is quality time.  Roses are red…Blah, Blah…Blah….ditch the roses (unless she told you she loves them) and go for something more unique like Cassablanca Lilly’s.  They are big, gorgeous and they smell divine!  I would also recommend avoiding the restaurants on Valentines Day.  The service won’t be good and it’s too predictable.  Instead give her an “experience.”  Take her to the beach for a picnic or enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner at home…not cell phones, no TV…just awesome music, candlelight and the two of you with your undivided attention on each other.   And if you feel like you need to give a little more….you can always give her a gift certificate for a new Powder Room…or something along that line….i’m just say’n….;)  Have an awesome time celebrating the Day Of Love!