Words of Wisdom from Windsor

A couple weeks ago Rejoy and I saw Windsor Smith speak at the Laguna Design Center Spring Market. She made some great points about how our industry is changing. Here are our favorites:

Afternoon Speaker Windsor Smith

1. Texture is the new color.

The design trends are interesting right now. On one side people are getting more comfortable with color and a quite a range of it, too. On the other side whites and neutrals are playing a bigger and bigger role. In these spaces, it’s all about texture! If you’ve popped into a Restoration Hardware recently you know what we’re talking about. Warm raw wood finishes mix with cool metals. Sweater weaves and fur throws on leather sofas. This style makes for a beautifully comfortable and approachable space.

2. “Guardrails”

We loved how she used this term to describe how we can collaborate with clients and help them be more involved. We provide the “guardrails” to keep your design on track. Some clients want the concierge, don’t worry about a thing, service but more and more of you are wanting to participate and get more involved. Interior Designers can offer guidance and support so you can do just that and not worry about the end result suffering.

3. Design for staying in.

Designing homes today is all about reflecting who you are. It’s not about having the “it” look anymore. You want your home to make a statement about you especially since we are increasingly entertaining at home. Master bathrooms act as our personal spas, kitchens are where all the entertaining happens and our backyards are having more and more of the comforts of our interiors. Why leave?