Why be Typical? Customize your art!

Custom ArtIf you are like most people, you have a hard time visualizing.  Trust me, you are not alone.  Most of our clients need us to create mock-ups of what we are proposing.  This is an example of how we express a concept that lives in our minds but does not exist in reality….yet. :)

This concept is for a contemporary Powder Room with a global vibe.  Our clients travel a great deal and they wanted to incorporate some of their personal photos.  The problem is the images they gave us totally clashed with the color scheme.  So what did we do you ask?  We turned to Photoshop for a little magic!  We took the original sunset shot that was bright oranges and pinks and applied a sepia filter to beautifully compliment the golds and browns we are using in the space.  Next, we took the silhouette image of them sitting on the beach and put a blue filter on it to tie in with the blue striped wall.  PERFECT balance…and the best thing about this custom piece is that the image of the two of them will be recessed into the larger image to give it dimension and a unique spin.

Designer Tip:

Use your personal pictures to enhance your decor but be mindful how the colors look in the space.  If they clash, edit them so they are a gorgeous compliment to your color scheme!  Adding personal touches to your home makes it yours…go for it and have fun!