large imageOver the years, I have witnessed how my clients’ lives have transformed when they choose to create homes that comfort, support and provide aesthetic beauty.  We humans are hardwired to desire these qualities, even if our current environments don’t demonstrate our aspirations.  I know for me, when my home is chaotic and unorganized, it’s virtually impossible for me to concentrate or be creative.  To create a home you love, it’s vital that you declutter.

In the New York Times best selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, author Marie Kondo says, “Putting your home in order positively affects all aspects of your life, including work and family.” She says the single most important question you must ask yourself when determining whether something should stay or go is, “Does it Spark Joy?”

As we enter the New Year, I invite you to declutter and let go of anything that doesn’t spark joy! It’s time to make room for what reflects who you are now, what inspires you, and what brings you joy!

For inspiration from someone who has read the book and put it into practice, check out Katerina Satori’s YouTube video:

Declutter Home